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Actors, mechanism and tokens

Puzzle creator: Pay to publish a puzzle with answer, deadline, participation fee and prize. Get paid if no one submits the correct answer by the deadline and no one requests a judgement or pass a judgement after the deadline.

Puzzle solver: Pay to submit an answer to a puzzle. Get paid if the answer is correct or get refund if the puzzle is judged as invalid.

Puzzle judge: Get paid by participating in judging the validity of a puzzle.

Once a creator or a solver gets paid from a finished puzzle, part of the payment(e.g.,5%) will be contributed to the community.

Actors pay tokens to or receive tokens from Atocha network.

Let's say...

  • Pp=Puzzle prize, set by the creator
  • Sf=Submission fee, set by the creator
  • Na=Number of submitted answers
  • Nj=Number of judge
  • Jr=Judgement reward, set by the community
  • Cr=Contribution rate, set by the community

Profit of a winning creator=(Sf*Na-Jr*Nj)*(1-Cr)-Pp

Profit of a winning solver=(Pp-Jr*Nj)*(1-Cr)-Sf