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Atocha Monthly Newsletter — August22

Atocha Monthly Newsletter — August22

GM Atocha Fam! We want to kickstart this monthly newsletter update for the community to get up to speed on what we have achieved last month and what’s next for this particular month. This will allow the community to have better clarity on the development and collaboration that is going on. Of course, it also ensures that we, as the core team members are always working our way towards our ultimate goal — building a global puzzle game infrastructure + community.

In this monthly newsletter, there will be 3 segments:

  1. Past month’s progress and achievement
  2. Current month’s roadmap and goal
  3. Words from the team

Past Month Progress and Achievement

  1. Launched Creator Campaign with Creator Grant
  2. New Atocha video launched by Near Stars Guild in Russian
  3. AMA with Stader NEAR
  4. Atocha Protocol Upgrade (Judging & Atocha Points Mechanism)
  5. Supported 3six9 NFT Marketplace soft launch (Aurora Network Project)
  6. Atocha Webapp Puzzle Creation New Features
  7. Skyharbour NFT x Atocha Giveaway Campaign
  8. NearPad Atocha Coin Farm Replenished
  9. NearTracker adding Atocha NFT on Paras NFT Marketplace
  10. Collaboration with NearMaster (HC Capital) for Giveaway Campaign
  11. Collaboration Partners to date: Near Insiders, Near Master, Near Nigeria, Near Philippines, Near Vietnam, Near Malaysia, Near Singapore, Octopus Network, Near Games Guild, Tenk DAO
  12. Social following & ATO holders update:

Current Month Roadmap and Goals

  1. Puzzle Creator Contest Winners (Top 5) Announcement, Collaboration and Prize Distribution
  2. Kickstart daily puzzle campaign for Near ecosystem & Octopus Network ecosystem
  3. Finalisation of Atocha Game Guild & Atocha Ambassador Program fusion
  4. Kickstart Creator Team with ATO incentives allocation to lead several theme’s puzzle games
  5. Launch puzzle game module — task based puzzle reward
  6. Launch puzzle game module — multiple puzzles series
  7. Launch puzzle game module — Google Map + Street View based puzzle
  8. 5 New Partnership

Words From The Team

July 2022 was a pivoting month as the team is reviewing the past H1 performance of the project and setting strategy and directions for H2 of 2022. We realized that without solid puzzle contents, Atocha Protocol will not be able to gain traction as there is certainly no attraction and reason for any users to stay. Hence, the focus for the month will be fine tuning the puzzle modules available to create more interactive puzzle gaming experience while building relationship with Creators within Near ecosystem and beyond.

We know that the process of getting started from ground zero will be a cold start. That is why we are still persevere in doing our daily tasks and making sure that the protocol and gaming mechanism is constantly being improved. We really thank you to all the community members that are still actively helping us testing the product out and creating puzzles. That meant a lot to us at this stage.

We are looking forward to revamp our identity and brand into a lean and fun project. The goal is to create a better clarity and visual front end for the users, especially Web2.0 users to get onboard with us. With that, we are calling out to all of our ATOgang that we need your help to get the word out for us. Planning to have some presence in the upcoming NEARCON 2022!

Thank you for spending your time reading our newsletter. We look forward to having you join our community and be part of the contributor (be it as a player, creator, or sponsor).

We are always on the lookout for Partners to collaborate with. Feel free to reach out to us via DMing our Twitter account or reach out to the admin on Telegram/Discord.

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