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Submitted puzzles from our puzzle contest – Part 3

You are a 00 section field agent of MI6, received a mission to go to Saint Petersburg, Russia and retrieve a vital information from local contact “Vladimir” who work for mobile operator Tele2, he asked u to meet at MILITARY-HISTORICAL MUSEUM OF ARTILLERY, ENGINEER AND SIGNAL CORPS and deliver the flash drive which contains that information. But when u got there, only found he was kidnapped by a group of terrorists, tossed in a car and lost in the streets. From secret source, u know Vladimir managed to hide that drive in the museum before he got cought. And Q has hacked into local mobile network to know the only few things he did on his phone in that critical time are liked two tweets(shown in attached pictures below). Maybe that’s the clue he left to help u find where is the hidden drive. U can’t trust museum staff or local police to make a thorough search, must narrow down to a very small spot or a specific artifact in that museum then make a swift retrieve. The clock is ticking, u must solve this quickly!

Puzzle solvers should study all the information above, use google map to make a virtual tour in that museum, find that spot/object, and reply text or picture to this tweet thread to submit your answer.