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Atocha Ambassador Program

About Atocha Project

  • Atocha Protocol is a decentralized protocol for creating and solving puzzles and riddles with real prizes.
  • Atocha is an appchain on the Octopus Network
  • Atocha is a web 3.0 community of people who love puzzles, riddles and trivias.

About Atocha Ambassador Program

We are opening up to onboard Ambassadors who are committed and passionate about helping Atocha Protocol to realize its vision, of becoming the global puzzle game hub.

In most Web3.0 projects, it is important that we CARE about the community that supports us from the very beginning. Having the Ambassador Program, allow us to create a career funnel for the community members who want to be part of the team and help them realize the same dream that we have.

Naturally, the team will pick those who are proactive and helpful members of the community (on Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and other social media). Such behavior has already proven that the members are capable to be self-driven and resourceful enough to work independently. Therefore, it becomes a filter for the team to gauge how an Ambassador is even before officially becoming one. This is rare in the conventional workforce but it has become a norm in the Web3.0 hiring mantra.


Well, the team is a small team consisting of the developer and marketing department. As Ambassadors, you will be more involved in the marketing side, helping the team to engage with different community circles.

Most importantly, the marketing team is always flexible and open. This means we want to have a flat team structure with a small team and team leaders taking charge of each domain.

With that, you can be promoted to become the team lead when you have shown your capability. Of course, this will come with its own perks of being a team lead.

Besides, you are able to connect directly with the core team members to voice your suggestion and engage in discussion. We also want you to be part of the team where we can collaborate and go on to meet with different amazing guilds and people within the Near ecosystem and beyond.

Last but not least, we are a puzzle game protocol! So if you are an avid puzzle gamer, this is a place where you should be. Advocate your own puzzle game to be integrated with the protocol and build the community with Atocha Protocol. This is like a heavenly combination where you can earn by doing what you love.

Roles available for the Ambassadors (one can take on multiple roles)

  • Content Creators
  • Game Masters
  • Translators
  • Community Moderators

Content Creators

Content creators play an important in becoming the channel where people from all walks of life learn about Atocha Protocol. We would like to work with passionate and fun content creators who are into puzzle games and education. Through this program, we can work together to engage the public via videos, blogs, infographics, podcasts, or any other form of artistic visualization.

  • Qualifications:

    • Provide a minimum of 3 previously published contents (it can be infographics, blogs, articles, audio podcasts, videos, websites, etc.)
    • Make sure that the content covers the technical and social aspects of the project. Text should be flawless and grammatically correct.
    • Audiovisual production should have great visual clarity and audio crispness, with editing and production efforts.
    • Ensuring content represents the values of Atocha Protocol brand.
    • Up to date and well-structured content, most importantly the audience can understand easily.
    • Graphic design works to have good resolution and maintain the Atocha Protocol theme.
  • Rewards:

    Based on the complexity and different level of effort required for the production and publication of the content, there will be 3 tiers of content rewards that will be distributed on a monthly basis:

    • Basic Level reward
    • Intermediate Level reward
    • Pro Level reward

Game Masters

Game masters AKA the organizers are people who can organize regular meetups, game sessions, and connect with local communities to advocate and educate them about Atocha Protocol. Game Masters can apply for rewards from the 3rd meetup session onwards. The meetup session has to be a puzzle game-related session and has a proper recording of attendance and session. A meetup needs to be hosted at least once every three months to maintain the Game Master status.

  • Qualifications:

    • Anyone who is interested to host meetup events, game sessions (can be online or offline)
    • Need to host at least 2 Atocha Protocol community meetups with minimum 10 attendees each within 3 months duration prior to the application
    • Able to provide valid URL links of your meetup group with proof of previously hosted events like video recordings or photos of the meetup.
  • Rewards:

    Game Masters’ rewards will be task-based:

    • Organizing a meetup or game session
    • Writing recap for the event
    • Basic video recording of events and interviews (can be Q&A, one to one interview, etc)
    • Physical event photos (group photos, ongoing event photos with participants interacting)


Translators are crucial to expanding the community coverage to non-English speaking demography by translating and sharing content in different languages.

  • Qualifications:

    • Share one piece of translated article with minimum 1000 words to be shared on different platforms
  • Rewards:

    • Will be determined by the accurate translated word count.

Community Moderators

Moderators are the community-go-to person on our official social media channels like Discord and Telegram. With the core team focusing on the back-end works, the moderators will become the front to help the community to learn, understand and adopt Atocha Protocol. The Moderators are critical roles that exist to ensure the community is always informed about the development and highlight of Atocha Protocol in multiple languages across various platforms.

  • Qualifications:

    • This is a unique role where we would like to handpick from our existing community who are actively engaging in one or more of our social media channels.
    • A contributor who is positive, friendly, and welcoming to the community members.
    • Has a deep understanding of how to manage a particular social media platform.
    • Understand the project and be able to help the community, especially the newcomers.
  • Rewards:

    • Will be based on the coverage of one single major social channel like Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Process of Becoming an Ambassador

  • Already an active member of Atocha Protocol with a thorough understanding of the project
  • Interact with the core team members of the project and get to know the community
  • Read up the qualifications of each role
  • Submit the form when you are ready
  • A core team member will contact you via Telegram (so take note)
  • Short interview to know more about you (to us, it is important to at least know each other if we are working together)
  • Confirmation of Ambassador status within 3 days time after the interview through Telegram
  • Ambassador profile will be listed on our Ambassador List as well