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Project ideation

May 2021 kickstarted

June 2021

Project Initiated

August 2021

Marketing lead joined the core team

Sept 2021

Seed Round Fundraising

Dec 2021

Octopus Accelerator Program Batch 1, Octopus Star Prize Recipient, Seed Round Closed

Dec 2021

Q1 2022

  • Testnet launched
  • Puzzle Game V1 Webapp Demo launched
  • Launched Atocha Partner Program
  • Launched Atocha Puzzle Bounty Program
  • Appchain Registration on Octopus Network Mainnet
  • Launching of Atocha Protocol Ambassador Program

Q2 2022

  • Appchain Audit on Octopus Network Mainnet
  • Appchain Voting on Octopus Network Mainnet
  • Atocha Protocol Mainnet launching
  • Atocha Protocol Validator Node Set Up Forum
  • Atocha IDO on Skyward Finance
  • Atocha IDO on NearPad
  • Atocha Treasure Box NFT launch
  • Atocha Secret Treasure Club (exclusive for Treasure Box NFT holders)
  • Winner announcement for Puzzle Creator Contest
  • Launching of Atocha Near Guild
  • Launching of Atocha Puzzle DAO on AstroDAO
  • Launching of Atocha Benchwork Project
  • 3 Sponsorship Partners onboarded

Q3 2022

  • 3 Running Puzzle Game Webapp on Atocha Protocol
  • Forming Puzzle Game Player Guild
  • Onboard 1 Established Game Studio on Atocha Protocol
  • Launching of NFT functionality on Atocha Protocol
  • Game Guild Collaboration
  • EVM Compatible Pallet Development
  • 10 Sponsorship Partners onboarded
  • Near Marketing DAO collaboration

Q4 2022

  • Santa Treasure Hunting for Atocha Community
  • Launching of Atocha Protocol Governance DAO on native network
  • 20 Sponsorship Partners onboarded