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Octopus Network - The team plays an important role for us in many aspects. Not only they helped us in the technical aspects on building and running the appchain, their ecosystem is very supportive and had given us support like exposure to VCs, community engagement, tokenomics and mechanism advisory, and more. In addition, we also participated in the Octopus Accelerator Program where we are one of the Octopus Star Prize winner, getting a generous $50,000 grant from Octopus Network. We will also be using this grant in the effort to onboard more creative partners.

Near Protocol - Near Foundation has been generous to grant us $50,000 worth of NEAR to run the marketing effort for Atocha Protocol, creating a positive impact for the community by getting more people to be onboard in the creator economy.

Holistic Pilgrims - A Near native NFT projects that we will be working together in creating a crossover puzzle. Exploring the possibility in getting Holistic Pilgrims to launch some puzzle on Atocha Protocol.

The Lost Cryptocubes [Fictionspawn Game] - Near based puzzle creator which is very creative and had been creating fictional stories with puzzle. Exploring the possibility in getting Fictionspawn Game to launch some of the puzzle game on Atocha Protocol.

Near Games Guild - @garikbesson has been always helpful for Atocha Protocol since the beginning and we had an AMA session before we even solidify most of the details like the tokenomics and game mechanism. We would like to continuous engage with the guild’s community members to update them and get them involved in Atocha Protocol.

Near Insider

Flying Rhino Marketing


Near Stars Guild - @Zhunda had helped Atocha Protocol to arrange the first Russian review video on Youtube right after we had a short meeting. We are looking forward to engage more with Edgar and the team to get Atocha Protocol’s brand to be known by more people in different regions.

Skyharbour NFT - The Clan Guild

Electric Neon NFT

Open Web Sandbox

Near Philippines Guild & Near Malaysia Guild

Project Ops Concierge Team - @Kemal & @FritzWorm engaged with us and offered us help ranging from community awareness building, recruiting a developer (also through OWS), VC connections and advice on Marketing Grant application. Fritz and HaiVu from the team has also been helping us with the Near Guild set up and marketing.

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