Atocha IDO on Skyward Finance (5% Token Sale)

Who can participate?

  • $NEAR token holder with activated Near Wallet.

How to Participate?

Important Dates and Time

  • Deposit Stage: NOW — 18 May 2022 (0000 UTC)
  • Sales Stage: 18 May 2022 (0000 UTC) — 25 May 2022 (0000 UTC)

Participate bonus

  • Buy 1 Atocha token get 0.04 Octopus token (=0.04USD, 12 May 2022) for free.
  • Any Near ecosystem projects or companies participate in our IDO using their official Near wallet addresses will get custom-designed promotional puzzles from our team and community. These puzzles will also get featured on our web-app and website. Interested in custom-designed promotional puzzles? Please submit this form after the IDO.

    A sample of promotional puzzle

    The following is a list of some Near projects, guilds and companies that we have sent out our invitations.


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Built on Substrate and hosted on Octopus network, a sidechain on Near protocol, Atocha protocol is a puzzle game blockchain for creating, solving, and sponsoring puzzle games. Read our whitepaper for more.

Atocha Web-App Demo

Here Lies a knight A Pope Interred
Name of the journal on this desk
Who is sitting behind this desk?
Who wrote this poem?
Who found Atocha shipwreck and the spanish treasure?
Can you identify the road?
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Tips: Early birds usually get lower prices on Skyward Finance IDOs