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Editor picked puzzles from Web-App-Demo

Food of a city

It is a thick savory pancake of mixed ingredients, literally means “whatever you like, cooked”. It originated in the Kansai region during the post-war era when food was scarce and this simple pancake of batter mixed with whatever ingredients were on hand went a long way. These days, common ingredients for this include thinly sliced pork belly and cabbage cooked in batter, topped with a rich sauce, Japanese mayonnaise, and dried bonito shavings. However, almost anything can be added to this versatile Osaka food, including dried shrimp, kimchi, cheese, and even chewy mochi. So here comes the question, where is it originated? The name of the city.

Who is the first Indian rapper bring Hiphop in India?

Who is the first Indian rapper bring Hiphop in India?

Predict me?

My size is small and I am present nealy about all aged group, when I am starded to use, my main working part finishes time by time or my original structure may be again retained by fulfill my working part and I can fulfill another surfaces till my working part is there or thrown away. Predict who I am?

Riddle, put all the facts together like in a puzzle

Seven sisters are at the dacha, where each is busy with some kind of business. The first sister is reading a book, the second is cooking, the third is playing chess, the fourth is solving Sudoku, the fifth is doing laundry, the sixth is taking care of plants. And what does the seventh sister do?

Almost sudoku

Write the sum of the numbers on the top row

Moshan\'s painting

Mr. Moshan has been a passionate and dedicated artist for almost 3 decades. With his early encounter with Chinese classical text, painting, western literature at an early age, he developed a unique way to express his passion through colors and strokes. The image represents one of his masterpieces. Try to decipher the piece. The answer is a number where it represents this masterpiece.

Find URL of a local yoga store listed on

Find URL of a local yoga store listed on, a business directory for small businesses. first launched on July 2002. It aims to help small buinsinesses grow to big ones.

The Fifth Generation Successor of Beijing Carved Porcelain


Film Camera Used in This TV


Austrian Painter Photograph. Around 1890.

The painter used the highlights of orange-yellows and reds to create an effect of flattening out of the landscape. This painting was probably inspired by the folk tapestry and stained glass techniques and is nothing short of museum worthy. The piece was sold at Sotheby’s New York in 2003 for $29,128,000.

Where is this

Tell me the name of the place this came from.

Who wrote this poem?

The greatest treasure hunt of the modern era began with this poem. Who wrote this?

Who is he?

He was a Japanese samurai and military commander during the Sengoku period. Today he is still famous enough to earn appearances in pop-culture media. Please tell me his name in English.

Mission for an agent of MI6

You are a 00 section field agent of MI6, received a mission to go to Saint Petersburg, Russia and retrieve a vital information from local contact “Vladimir” who work for mobile operator Tele2, he asked u to meet at MILITARY-HISTORICAL MUSEUM OF ARTILLERY, ENGINEER AND SIGNAL CORPS and deliver the flash drive which contains that information. But when u got there, only found he was kidnapped by a group of terrorists, tossed in a car and lost in the streets. From secret source, u know Vladimir managed to hide that drive in the museum before he got cought. And Q has hacked into local mobile network to know the only few things he did on his phone in that critical time are liked two tweets(shown in attached pictures below). Maybe that’s the clue he left to help u find where is the hidden drive. U can’t trust museum staff or local police to make a thorough search, must narrow down to a very small spot or a specific artifact in that museum then make a swift retrieve. The clock is ticking, u must solve this quickly!

Chinese ladies in different times

Here are portraits of 3 Chinese ladies in different times, find out what year are these pictures were taken, and tell us the sum of the years number.

Can you identify the road?

Identify the road in this picture from google street view, and tell us the 3 digit number in this road’s name.

The robot gunslinger

The robot gunslinger in this poster is played by a very famous actor, who got pranked once by his friend during one movie production, this friend stick a lots of another movie star’s pictures in his trailer. what’s the character’s name for ‘this friend’ in the movie?

What is hidden in this picture?

What is the name of this building?

Using Google street view to find out the answer, first winner gets the prize. Submit your answer to our twitter: