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$1000 Video Challenge: 5 Reasons To Join Atocha Protocol

Greeting fellow Web3.0 community! We are launching Atocha Video Competition where we are rewarding $1,000 worth of NEAR for the top 10 winners.

Top 10 winners will receive $100 NEAR each and we will be giving away a bonus mysterious gifts for the winners as well!

Submission date: 12 April 2022 to 17 April 2022

Winner Announcement: 21 April 2022

What we are looking for?

  1. Produce a short video of around 1-minute length
  2. Use your creativity and share with us your reasons to join Atocha Protocol
  3. Your reasons can be something serious and professional, or even something light and funny. We are here for the FUN and CHALLENGE.
  4. We have a brand asset for you to utilize as we require the video to include Atocha Protocol’s logo.
  5. You can produce and upload your video on either platform (Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram)

How We Judge?

  1. Creativity — don’t be restricted to any kind of format. Grabbing our attention is the key!
  2. Engagement — we will be looking for the engagement level of your video. Get more people to view and interact :)
  3. Video quality — we are looking for decent quality with good resolution and crisp voice.

How to Submit My Video?

  1. Create the video and upload it to your Video channel.
  2. Share your video on Twitter (or Facebook/Instagram).
  3. Make sure your title of the video has “Atocha Protocol”.
  4. Complete the form.

Follow Our Social Media Channels

All participants are required to join our social media channels. The bonus is that you will get to interact and share your work with the community as well to boost your chance to win the prize!







All The Best! Looking forward to seeing your video!