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Atocha Meme Contest: Being an Atocha Degen

Created something fun to engage with the community. The meme is definitely something that is contagious and fun to go for. I personally love Memes as it is simple and can easily grasp the gist of it through a glance.

The details for the Meme Contest:

Prize: $20 USD worth of $NEAR each for top 10 memes

Duration: 13 April to 17 April 2022 (closing time 0000 EST)

Theme: Being an Atocha Degen

How to Participate

  1. Share your meme with the hashtag #atochapuzzlegame (on Twitter)
  2. Follow our Twitter
  3. Join our Discord and Telegram
  4. Retweeting the contest tweet

Winners will be announced on 18 April 2022, 0000 EST.

Don’t forget we also have a Video Challenge Contest ongoing as well!