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Atocha Ref Finance Pool & Reward Farm [LIVE]

Thanks to the Ref Finance team for guiding us on the whole process for pool and reward farm setting and also big gratitude to the community for the patient as well.

We would like to announce that both Ref Finance Pool and Reward Farm are live.

What you can do on Ref Finance?

  1. Swap ATO with any pairs on Ref Finance (the protocol will help to reroute the swap for you)
  2. Provide liquidity for ATO/WNEAR
  3. Stake in Reward Farm for ATO rewards

How to Participate in the Reward Farm of ATO/WNEAR?

  1. Head over to the ATO/WNEAR pool.
  2. Add Liquidity to the pool.
  3. Head over to Farm and search for ATO/WNEAR farm.
  4. Stake your ATO/WNEAR LP tokens.
  5. DONE! Now just sit tight and enjoy earning ATO.
Head over to the ATO/WNEAR pool and add liquidity.
Head over to Farm and search for ATO/WNEAR farm. Click on Stake and join the farm to earn ATO!

Have you joined our NearPad Farm as well?

You can read this post to learn how to join the NearPad ATO/PAD farm to earn extra ATO & PAD!


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