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Atocha Puzzle Game Webapp Intro: V1.0

An introduction to our natively developed puzzle game maker webapp that is integrated with Atocha Protocol.

Home: The Featured Wall of Curated Puzzle Games

This is what you will see when you first login to The puzzle game webapp will feature a series of puzzle games (6–12 puzzles). The curation of the featured puzzles will be done internally by Atocha Team as of this stage.

There are a few considerations on whether a puzzle will be featured:

  1. Puzzles with prominent sponsors (sponsored by partners/brands that intend to drive players over to their site)
  2. Partnership puzzles (puzzles that the Atocha team creates and curates as a part of the obligation for partnerships)
  3. Challenging puzzles (the team and community can suggest and feature good quality puzzles that lasted more than 48 hours)
  4. New format puzzles (there may be a new form of puzzles being created by the team or community if the puzzle is valid, the team will feature the puzzle)

Puzzle List: A Puzzle Game Ledger

In puzzle list, there will be 5 statuses of a puzzle and users can choose to view either of the statuses.

Here are the descriptions for each of the statuses:

  1. Unsolved — Created puzzles that are not solved.

2. Challengable — Solved puzzles which are in a transitional stage to be a VALID and SOLVED puzzle. In this status, anyone can challenge the puzzle if one feels that the puzzle has disputable elements like irrelevant answers (totally irrelevant answers for the question), unfair answers (answers that only you know like your personal details), and arguable answers (answer that you may think is incorrect and there is a better answer).

3. Solved — This status means that it passed the Challenge Stage and becomes a VALID puzzle. With that, the ATO rewards and Atocha Points will be distributed to the Player and Creator respectively.

4. Judging — This status means that the puzzle has been successfully challenged and is now being judged by the team and community. The judging process is now being restructured from just involving internal team to opening up to the community (will be publishing a Discord Channel that is specifically for judging puzzle discussion and voting).

5. Invalid — If a puzzle is INVALID, this means that the puzzle is considered not acceptable. In such a case, the Creator of the puzzle will get slashed for their accumulated Atocha Points and the Challenger will get the ATO rewards locked in the INVALID puzzle.

Create A Puzzle: User to Create

Based on the puzzles created in the last two weeks plus since launched, there are some issues that we realized can be prevented by providing a clear guideline.

Puzzle creation guideline:
1. Title: please make sure your title states clearly in one phrase about the puzzle (eg: Guess a xxx, Name the xxx, Locate the xxx, etc)
2. Image: please make sure that your image is in clear resolution (recommended resolution: 1200x1200px; file size: 1–5mb)
3. Description: please iterate the full text of your puzzle. Make sure it contains the question, the clue/tips (optional), and the expected answer format (full caps, numerical, mix, etc). The most important part will be making sure that the question is clear and following up with the expected answer format.
4. Answer: please make sure your answer is not too lengthy. The recommended answer should be one to two combinations (eg: one phrase and one number)
5. Sponsor: as a starter, the minimum to sponsor for creating a puzzle is 10 ATO. You may sponsor more based on your understanding of the puzzle complexity.
6. Language: as of the current stage, we recommend the puzzle are created in English.

My Profile: Your Personal Puzzle Ledger

In your profile, there will be a record of your activities on chain like:

  1. Your linked Twitter account
  2. Your wallet address
  3. Your total Atocha Points
  4. Your list of Created Puzzle
  5. Your list of Solved Puzzle
  6. Your list of Challenged Puzzle
  7. Your list of Sponsored Puzzle

My Account: Your Basic Wallet Info (Token related)

In your account, there will be basic info like:

  1. Your wallet address (Polkadot JS)
  2. Your ATO balance
  3. Your Atocha Point balance
  4. Account Management tips
  5. Social connection (for you to connect your onchain account with Twitter, this will relate to the upcoming social sharing function of puzzle)
  6. ATO claim status for the related puzzles

Here are the account management tips:

Ranking & Rewards: Atocha Point Leaderboard & Reward Application

In Ranking and Rewards contains all information needed by the users about Atocha Point ranking and also claiming weekly ATO rewards.

Here is some elaboration for each component on this page:

  • Rewards per block — 0.0992 ATO will be produced per block (1 block equals 6 seconds)
  • Reward era length — 7 days with a total of 100800 blocks, this is the total duration for 1 reward era
  • Total ATO per reward era — 9999.359 ATO, this will be the total ATO reward to be distributed to the top 5 leaderboards of Atocha Point
  • Current era started from — this is just a reference for you, recommend referring to “Top players of current reward era” where there will be a countdown indicating when the reward era will end
  • Winners number — based on the ATO price, the winners' number will be adjusted accordingly. This indicates how many users (based on Atocha Point accumulation) can claim the weekly ATO reward.
  • What will happen if you are the Top User— this is to explain that if you win (being the top 5 leaderboard user), then you will receive your ATO reward in pro-rated manner based on your Atocha Point. Once claimed, your Atocha Points will be set to ZERO.
  • How to win Weekly Ato Reward — Create and solve as many puzzles as possible (of course making sure all are valid), then accumulate more Atocha Point. With that, you get to rank at as the top users of the current reward era and will be able to claim the weekly ATO reward.
  • Top Users of Current Reward Era — This is a list that shows the most recent top users for the current active reward era along with a countdown clock on when the reward era will end.
  • Aplpy for rewards — this is a button where you can click to execute an order to the protocol that you want to claim the ATO rewards for this reward era. If you are the top 5 users once the reward era ended, you will automatically get the weekly ATO reward. If you dropped from the top 5 users, you will not get the weekly ATO reward.
  • Top users of previous reward era — this is a historical record for the previous reward era. In most cases, you will see that after winning the ATO rewards in one reward era, it will be hard to be the next top 5 users as your Atocha Point will be set to ZERO once claimed the weekly ATO rewards.

ATO Weekly Reward Claim Guideline

  1. The top 5 Atocha Points Leaderboard users will be eligible to claim the weekly ATO reward automatically when you submitted a request through the Reward page. The reward distribution will be based on the total Atocha Points of the top5 claims and distributed in pro-rate. Once ATO reward is claimed, the Atocha Points will be cleared to zero.
  2. If you would like to claim the ATO reward in the specific reward week, you will need to submit the request within the specific reward week.
  3. You can request at any day of the reward week even if you are not on the top 5 rankings yet. By end of the reward week, the protocol will distribute the reward automatically to you if you ended up at the top 5 leaderboards.
  4. When you submitted a request but dropped from the top 5 leaderboard by the end of the reward week, you will not be receiving the ATO rewards.

There are some Frequent Asked Questions about the Puzzle Game Webapp (

  1. How to earn as a Creator?
    - Create a valid puzzle with sufficient sophistication to be unsolved for 24 hours
    - Earn Atocha Points generated by the puzzle after 24 hours and receive Atocha Points once the puzzle solved
    - Use Atocha Points to apply and win the weekly ATO rewards
  2. How to earn as Solver?
    - Solve a puzzle and win the ATO and Atocha Points within the puzzle
    - Use Atocha Points to apply and win the weekly ATO reward
  3. Can I solve a puzzle I created?
    Yes, you can. The main consideration that such behaviour is allowed is as follow:
    - The creator intends to close the puzzle and pursue the next puzzle creation, by solving the puzzle created, the Creator can unlock the ATO and proceed to use it for the next puzzle creation
  4. How to earn as Challenger?
    - Always on the lookout for non-qualifying answers (as suggested by the guidelines) or non-related answers for the Challengable Puzzle.
    - Deposit sufficient ATO to challenge the in dispute puzzle.
    - Once the judging stated that the challenged puzzle is INVALID, the Challenger will receive the puzzle’s ATO.
  5. What can I get as a Sponsor?
    By sponsoring the puzzle, you can:
    - insert a website link that drives traffic to your website for brand awareness and lead generation
    - insert a referral link which can drive relevant leads to your site
    - insert product/service purchase link which can drive relevant leads for potential conversion

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