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Atocha Monthly Newsletter —July22

GM Atocha Fam! We want to kickstart this monthly newsletter update for the community to get up to speed on what we have achieved last month and what’s next for this particular month. This will allow the community to have better clarity on the development and collaboration that is going on. Of course, it also ensures that we, as the core team members are always working our way towards our ultimate goal — building a global puzzle game infrastructure + community.

In this monthly newsletter, there will be 3 segments:

  1. Past month’s progress and achievement
  2. Current month’s roadmap and goal
  3. Words from the team

Past Month Progress and Achievement

  1. Puzzle Game Alpha App Launch
  2. Ref Finance and NearPad DEX listing
  3. Ref Finance and NearPad Reward Farms kickstart
  4. 10 Featured Puzzle Game Launch on Webapp
  5. Atocha Game Guild establishment
  6. Atocha Launch Party on CryptoVoxel moderated by Near Insider
  7. Near Master partnership with Atocha Protocol
  8. First ATO Reward distributed to the users
  9. Twitter account verification on launched
  10. ATO listed on Coingecko, Coinmarketcap and Nomics
  11. Near Nigeria partnership with Atocha Protocol
  12. Social following & ATO holders update:

Current Month Roadmap and Goals

  1. Puzzle Creator Contest Winners (Top 5) Announcement, Collaboration and Prize Distribution
  2. Onboard 5 Partners & 5 Sponsors
  3. Kickstart daily puzzle campaign for Near ecosystem & Octopus Network ecosystem
  4. Finalisation of Atocha Game Guild & Atocha Ambassador Program fusion
  5. Kickstart Creator Team with ATO incentives allocation to lead several theme’s puzzle games
  6. New judging mechanism launch for
  7. Puzzle game creation guideline rollout
  8. 3 AMA with Myriad, Near Strader, and (pending)
  9. Community Creator Grant roll out

Words From The Team

We thank you for the continuous support for our launching for and we see there are users who are testing all the functions to the limit, giving us very honest and constructive feedback to improve the whole user experience.

You may experience some delay from the team as we are actually working on the backend to restructure and roll out a more effective system that can be better executed. Do note that a startup is always changing its operation so that it can really run effectively and deliver the right value to the users. No doubt, we are still a startup that is working to build useful and fun infrastructure for the puzzle game community.

As time goes by, we get more feedback from the users and also getting testing feedback from the development team, we get a clearer view of what to do and where to go next. This also includes partnerships with different entities within the Near ecosystem and also beyond. Regardless on how the market is performing, our team is committed to continue building both product and community!

Thank you for spending your time reading our newsletter. We look forward to having you join our community and be part of the contributor (be it as a player, creator, or sponsor).

We are always on the lookout for Partners to collaborate with. Feel free to reach out to us via DMing our Twitter account or reach out to the admin on Telegram/Discord.

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