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Atocha Video Competition Voting: 5 Reasons to Join Atocha Protocol

We are thrilled to see so many talented creators joining this contest and contributing their personal take on the reasons to join Atocha Protocol. From this contest, we can observe that there are some key reasons that the participants highlighted which we think are persuasive and justifiable.

Now it is time for the community to vote for the best 10 videos submission out of this shortlisted 20 videos. The top-voted video will get a mysterious gift from Atocha Protocol (which will be revealed on 30 April along with the 10 winners). The vote from the community will be part of the judging points (33% of the points under Engagement, so it is not entirely up to the vote to decide).

How to Vote?

  1. Browse through the 20 video submissions.
  2. Pick 1–3 submissions that you think deserve your vote.
  3. Tweet your vote with the video URL with #joinatocha hashtag (so that we can track)
  4. Share your tweet URL on Discord (Channel: Video Contest Submission)

When Winner Announcement?

  1. The voting period will be from 28 April to 30 April (0000EST)
  2. The winners will be announced on 2 May

20 Shortlisted Video Submissions

Have fun voting and we looking forward to see who are the top 10 popular videos :)

Follow Our Social Media Channels

All participants are required to join our social media channels. The bonus is that you will get to interact and share your work with the community as well to boost your chance to win the prize!