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Show Me Your Most Desired Treasure: Twitter Contest Winner Announcement

This is a community engagement contest where we want to learn from the community about what is their most desired treasure in life. Atocha Protocol being a project that is inspired by Treasure Hunting, it is natural that we should understand what kind of treasure our community is seeking. Perhaps, we can even organize a treasure hunt that is inspired by the community’s submissions. We have received a great number of treasures from the community and we are picking our favorite top 5 and featuring 10 of the treasures!

Contest details:

10 Featured Treasures From Atocha Community

@2017Gemina — The most treasure I have is my parents' house, this is where I live for 32 yrs. All the memory is there until I grew up. My parents fight for this land so I always cherish this house even if the house is old and needed renovation. I work hard for my parents' dream
@mayvutmat1 — Show me your most desired treasure Healthy family members are for me the most precious treasure, the most peaceful thing is every time I wake up, see the laughter of my parents, see the children grow up healthy day by day
@AyuOriona — my most desired treasure is the time in my life, every single second/hour is very precious than gold.
@germaninfante — My most desired treasure is my family! 🥰😍🙏 No money, no crypto, no NFT, no nothing in this world could ever replace that 😌🙌
@BiVnSn60851516 — What are some of the things you treasure most in life? For me, it’s time with family.
@kelisaka — The most desired treasure is my smartphone & WiFi, I can’t go anywhere without it, even when I am sleeping. Tbh I don’t know what I’d do without my smartphone.

6 — @CryptoKamil2 — My most desired treasure would be to reach a level of wisdom where i could solve every puzzle & conflict right there in my clear peaceful mind.

@crypto_Suman — For us, food is to eat, clothing is to wear & shelter is to live-as simple as that. We just take them for granted. Besides that family and mental peace is a desirable treasure for us.We have to secure those treasure to live long.

9 — @Vinod81031110 — desire : for me desire i can say A CREATIVE MAN IS MOTIVATED BY DESIRE TO ACHIVE NOT BY THE DESIRE TO BEATS OTHERS

10 — @NgcHong86234581 — Knowledge is treasure that’ll follow me everywhere. I learn from books, from experience, mistakes,… I always try to learn every day to improve myself, as well as upgrade my own treasure. So never stop to learn & try. 💓

5 Winners Announcement

@2017Gemina — we love the sentiment and love towards your parents. Memory is part of the priceless treasure that anyone can have. In addition, memory of love is one very strong power that can push us through hurdles and obstacles in life.
@Vinod81031110 — this is a strong statement that desire in itself is a treasure. Like what Atocha Protocol stands for, to inspire your curiosity. In other words, we are here to inspire you to find your own desire, get motivated by it, and go enjoy the journey that the desire brings you. Without desire, anyone will be soulless and purposeless.
@kelisaka — without a doubt, the team would not be able to create Atocha Protocol if there’s no smartphone and Wifi. It is literally a super convenience that we tend to take for granted. Of course, this may not be some treasure to some, but we love the hustle of Kelisaka and how he treasures accessibility to knowledge at the young age! Something to be encouraged for.
@BiVnSn60851516 — time and family, are a combination of some of the most desired treasures that we can have during our lifetime. Time may not be a treasure technically as everyone does have 24 hours every day. It is a fair distribution but it is up to the person to percept whether it is rubbish or a treasure. Family is a part of us that is there since the beginning of our time on Earth, a treasure that is uniquely created for yourself.
@CryptoKamil2 — wisdom being accumulated through time, is just like treasure hunting at different ages and collecting the gems of life. We love how CryptoKamil highlights that wisdom can be used for solving puzzles (on Atocha Protocol) and also in daily life where there are definitely challenges ahead of you to be solved.

Congratulations to all the winners! You will be required to DM us your Near Wallet so that we can send over your Near Prize :) Cheers!

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