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How to Build On Atocha Protocol?

This is a key question that should be made known to the community as it is related closely to the intrinsic value of the protocol itself. Atocha Protocol is not just any puzzle game, it is a puzzle game infrastructure blockchain AKA Appchain that is specifically built to accommodate the needs of puzzle game developers/creators to build on the protocol.

In short, there will be two categories of demography that we focus on onboard to build on the Atocha Protocol, they are Non-Technical Creators & Technical Builders. So let us break this down on how you can fit in either of the two categories.

Non-Technical Creators

Non-technical basically means you do not need to know any coding skill for the creation of the puzzle game. In this case, you should be capable of:

  1. Designing puzzle game (the overall architecture)
  2. Storytelling (basically copywriting with text)
  3. Graphic/music/video (to enhance the overall visualization and user experience)

With that, you can choose the suitable Puzzle Game Maker App that is live on Atocha Protocol and create your very own puzzle game. For example, you can head over to our DEMO where you can experience firsthand how you can create a puzzle just through the app (without needing to code).

4 Steps To Create a Puzzle

Step 1 — Go to the DEMO site.

Step 2 — Login/register (you can use the invitation code: davinchicode)

Step3 — Click on Create.

Step 4 — Create your puzzle and submit it.

And that’s it, you successfully created a puzzle game and it is now recorded on the blockchain (not with the DEMO version, you need to wait for the mainnet integrated version).

So what’s next? In order to attract players to engage with your puzzle game, you can sponsor your own puzzle game with ATO so to incentive players to try solving the puzzle. Once there is an active prize pool locked in the puzzle, the Creator and Players who interacted with the puzzle game will start earning Atocha Points. The point is another non-tradable token within the protocol that acts as the reputation score for the protocol users. In addition, you can redeem ATO coins weekly with your earned Atocha Points. This is how the protocol is designed to incentive active participation from the community.

As for Sponsor, we will have another specific Medium post that talks about it.

Technical Builders

In this category, we are referring to a more comprehensive puzzle game design which includes coding and building an independent puzzle game app. As of this stage, we are also looking for HTML5 puzzle game app builder that could collaborate with us or existing game studios that would like to integrate their puzzle games with Atocha Protocol.

We have also approached Open Web Sandbox to get their assistance in searching for the right talent to help us build a puzzle game maker app (something like the DEMO that we built). You can learn more from the link:

Why do we want to onboard Technical Builders?

  1. Professionals that are game developers with great experience in the industry
  2. Quality assurance for the puzzle games on the protocol
  3. Able to capture mass population with established puzzle game design (good accessibility, addictive game logic, appealing visualization, smooth UIUX, etc)

Who we are looking for to onboard as Technical Builders?

  1. Game studio — Animoca Brands, Pokemon Company International, Zynga, Zwift, Mythical Games, Electronic Arts, Epic Games, etc.
  2. Indie Game Developers — Supergiant Games, Might and Delight, FutureLab, Landfall, etc.
  3. Local Game Developers
  4. Gaming Design related degree/course students

The ideal situation is where the Technical Builders can get their ready-built puzzle game to be integrated with Atocha Protocol, which could significantly increase the rate of puzzle game onboarding to the protocol. In other words, this can create a large influx of players who are all ATO holders so that they can participate in the ecosystem’s tokenomics to gain rewards.

Who To Contact If I am Interested?

If you are a representative of Technical Builders or a Non-Technical Creators, you are all welcome to contact us via the following channels through DM: