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Atocha Protocol Commemorative Limited Edition NFT Launch

Guess what, we are launching our Limited Edition Commemorative NFT for our upcoming Skyward Finance IDO and mainnet launch!


Atocha Protocol is a puzzle game protocol that enables users to create, solve and sponsor puzzle games. Why does it matter? The mechanism will help the puzzle game creators have truly immutable and transferable ownership of their work, the capability to design different user engagements method for their puzzle game which generates revenue and a trustless mechanism to distribute prize funds. As a player, you can engage with any of the puzzle games on the protocol with the same account and bring along your hard-earned Atocha Points crossing around different puzzles. Being on the top of the leaderboard will get you to become the chosen few to be able to claim the weekly rewards in ATO!

Well, introduction aside, these commemorative limited edition cards are specifically designed for commemorating the IDO and the upcoming Mainnet launch that Atocha Protocol is going to have by end of May 2022. It is indeed one tough moment for the team as we started from the bottom of the market, a memorable one that reminds us to focus on value creation.

Our Skyward Finance IDO will be happening from 18 May 2022 to 25 May 2022. You are invited to join our IDO through this link:!
As a bonus, you will also get 0.04 OCT for every ATO purchased during the IDO, a complimentary airdrop from Octopus Network.

Our Mainnet will be launched on Octopus Network on 27 May 2022. By then, the next milestone will be launching the Puzzle Game Webapp which is going to be integrated with the protocol. This marks the start of the puzzle game mechanism starting to serve the community!


We are giving away these commemorative limited edition cards for the community with a few attached unique utilities:

  1. An option for $ATO claim with the price of 0.1USD/$ATO by 31 Dec 2022, 0000 UTC. This means that if $ATO cost more than 0.1USD/$ATO on 31 Dec 2022, you can use the NFT option utility to claim the under market price $ATO through OTC (Over-the-counter). The valid claiming duration for the option will be from 31 Dec 2022, 0000 UTC to 7 Jan 2023, 0000 UTC.
  2. Whitelist claim ticket for the upcoming NFT launch of Atocha Protocol.
  3. An exclusive invitation to the Atocha Secret Club (shhhh)
  4. Of course, we are thinking of more utility to reward the NFT holders!

Prerequisite For Utility Claim

Of course, in order to get these utility claims, the NFT holder must participate in our Skyward Finance IDO with a minimum amount of NEAR depending on which card you hold. (Note: Minimum amount will be indicated in the NFT description)

Once you have participated, just share with us you are Near Wallet through Discord (please DM Puzzle Buddy) that you used to participate in the IDO. With that, you will be verified and automatically eligible for all the utility claims.

How Can I Get One?

The Limited Edition NFTs are not for sale. It will be only available in three ways:

  1. 50 Active Atogang handpicked by the Atocha Protocol core team (announcing on 15 May 2022, 4pm UTC)
  2. 50 Lucky First Come First Serve Atogang (Game Master in Discord will take charge of this session, happening on 16 May 2022, Time to be Announced)
  3. The 100 Atogang who received the NFT in the 1st stage will invite 1 person to be gifted with 1 Limited Edition NFT. (need to invite and submit the Near Wallet of the invited within 24 hours once received the NFT)

What Kind of NFT Is That?

You will know when we created in our Paras Collection:

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