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Atocha Protocol Airdrop Distribution

Finally, we have completed our IDO on NearPad and Skyward Finance even in this harsh market condition. We are very grateful that we still see the community support and the enthusiasm for our upcoming puzzle game launch!

Without further adieu, we would like to announce our Airdrop Masterlist which includes 5 categories: the early supporters, the DEMO players, the DEMO creators, the physical community giveaway and finally the Gleam giveaway contest.

Who are the ones getting the ATO airdrops?

So here we gather all the above 5 categories into one master list:

Atocha Protocol Airdrop Master List

Breakdown of the 5 Categories:

Group A: Selected ATOGANG as verified users during the earliest time when Atocha Discord just established.

Group B: ATOGANG who get Player roles from the Testnet Airdrop

Group C: ATOGANG who get Creator roles from the Testnet Airdrop

Group D: Near Malaysia Guild who supported Atocha Protocol during the physical event

Group E: Gleam Airdrop Contest Participants (initially is 100 wallets but increased to 250 wallets selected)

NOTE: Please note that this Airdrop has nothing to do with OCT Airdrop/NFT Airdrop/Discord internal leaderboard/Retweet contest reward.

What should we do now?

  1. Please go through the Near Wallet list and ensure your address is correct.
  2. We will set a cutoff date of 27 May 2022, 0000 UTC. After this date, we will deploy the bot to execute the airdrop distribution.
  3. If you find out that your Near Wallet has an error, please fill up this form:
  4. Note that we no longer entertain rectification requests after 27 May 2022, 0000 UTC.

When will I receive the ATO coin?

  1. After 27 May 2022, 0000 UTC, the team will deploy the bot to distribute the ATO airdrop. It is estimated to take around 3–4 days to complete the distribution.
  2. We are looking to complete the distribution by 31 May 2022.

What can I use the ATO coin for?

  1. The ATO coin will be used for the gas fee on our upcoming puzzle game app launching on 3 June 2022.
  2. ATO coin can be used to sponsor puzzle games on the game app.
  3. ATO coin can be used to provide liquidity on the Liquidity Pool on Ref Finance and NearPad DEX in the coming 2–3 weeks' time. There will be ATO Reward Farms created in both of the DEX.

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