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NearPad Pool & Reward Farm [LIVE]

First of all, we would like to apologize to the community for the delay of the update as one of the core team member had caught COVID and down for a few days at this very crucial time.

Here we would like to announce that both NearPad Pool and Reward Farm are live.

What you can do on NearPad?

  1. Swap ATO/USDT or ATO/PAD
  2. Provide liquidity for ATO/USDT or ATO/PAD
  3. Stake in Reward Farm for ATO/PAD

How to Participate in the Reward Farm of ATO/PAD?

  1. Add Aurora Network to your Metamask wallet:
  2. Make sure you have both ATO and PAD in your wallet
  3. Login to
  4. Provide liquidity first then proceed to staking.
  5. Stake the max ATO/PAD-PLP you got.

Update for Ref Finance as well, we know that the community is longing for the update and here we are:

  1. We have created a pool on Ref Finance in order for our reward farm to be approved.
  2. Once the reward farm is up, we will do another update for the community.

Words From The Team

It is indeed a rough time for us to decide whether to get the pool and reward farm ready for the community or delay indefinitely. The main reason for us to have this facility ready is that new users of Puzzle Game Webapp will require ATO to interact with the game. Without this facility, it is impossible for any new users to get onboard.

What we want to emphasize is that, ATO flywheel depends on its utility and user base. The more ATO holders (more players, more creators and more sponsors), the greater the value of ATO will be. Thus, that will be the team’s focus to continuously build challenging and rewarding puzzle games for the community.

This is just the very beginning of Atocha Protocol delivering its first functional product. Once our testing phase (approximate 2 weeks time), we will onboard more puzzle games on the Webapp and also producing guidance writing and videos for the community. We are looking forward to see more puzzle games going live and get the community to engage! Thank you once again for your patient and support all along. WAGMI!

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