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Atocha Protocol IDO Guide: How to Cross Crypto Assets to Aurora Network with Rainbow Bridge?

This is a guide for the community to cross your crypto assets over from Ethereum Network or Near Protocol to Aurora Network. Crossing a bridge is always something that we may find very troublesome with hefty fees and long waiting times. However, Rainbow Bridge is amazingly cheap and fast. Plus, the native gas fee on Aurora is based on Near Protocol gas fee as well. In other words, it is dirt cheap like $0.02 USD kind of cheap.

Some important links for you to start setting up Aurora Network on your Metamask:

Set up Aurora Network for your Metamask wallet

NOTE: Do not use any hardware wallet as it does not support Aurora Network which will render your purchased asset to be stuck in limbo.

Here, we have prepared a step-by-step guide for the community to maneuver.

Step 1: Connect to with your Metamask or Near Wallet ( Then hit continue.
Step 2: Choose the token you are transferring and key in the amount.
Step 3: Click on Approve Transfer.
Step 4: Approve the contract for transfer. The gas fee shown may varied (as this is from Ethereum Network to Aurora Network)
Step 5: Confirm transfer after contract approved.
Step 6: Confirm the transaction and note that the gas fee may varied. You will need to sum up the contract approval gas fee and transaction approval gas fee as your cost.
Step 7: DONE! Now just head over to Go To My Transfers to check your transaction.
Step 8: You will see something like this with a waiting time of 5–10 minutes from Ethereum Network or 1–2 minutes from Near Protocol.


NearPad IDO: 10 May 2022 (0000 UTC)

Skyward Finance IDO: 11 May 2022 (0000 UTC) [Deposit]; 18 May 2022 (0000 UTC) [Sales]

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