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Atocha Commemorative NFT Claim [Silver]

Kicking start the whole new Atocha Protocol 2.0 with restructured roadmap and strategy to move forward. Before we go into this exciting topic, we would like to apologize for the delayed announcement for the NFT Claim [Atocha Limited Edition Commemorative NFT [Silver Series]]. This is a series of Commemorative NFT where there is an option for IDO participants (who is also the NFT holders) to claim. This announcement and guide on how to claim the option from 31 May 2023 (0000 UTC) to 7 June 2023 (0000 UTC). We maintain the duration of the claim and honoring the promise that we made for our community.

Who is eligible to claim the option?

There are 3 criterias for the users to claim the option:

  1. You need to be participating in our Skyward Finance IDO with the minimum amount stated in the NFT (50NEAR)
  2. You need to hold sufficient $ATO at the point of claiming the option (need to be in your participating NEAR wallet)
  3. You need to hold the NFT (Silver Series: when you are claiming the option (need to be in your participating NEAR wallet)

As long as you match the 3 criterias and submit the claim within the time frame, you are eligible for the option claim.

What is the timeline for the claim?

30 May 2023 — Exclusive Channel will be made available for the users (need to connect with the participating Near Wallet with the NFT in it)

31 May 2023 (0000 UTC) — Claim form will be made available for the users

7 June 2023 (0000 UTC) — Claim session close, team will process the claim

14 June 2023 — Validated claim amount will be airdrop to the respective near wallet (Note: non-valid claim will not be entertained)

What you need to do?

  1. Join our Discord Channel:
  2. Type /verify (under NEPBot) and connect your near wallet (you can do it in any public channel)
  3. Type /checkwallet (under NEPBot) to confirm whether your near wallet are connected (you can do it in any public channel)
  4. Once confirmed, you can check your role whether you have the new role named “Silver Claim”
  5. The Channel “Silver Claim” will be accessible to the role “Silver Claim” on 30 May 2023
  6. Claim form will be accessible on the exclusive channel on 31 May 2023 (0000 UTC)
  7. You may ask any relevant question within the lounge in regards the NFT option claim