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Atocha Monthly Newsletter — June22

Atocha Monthly Newsletter — June22

GM Atocha Fam! We want to kickstart this monthly newsletter update for the community to get up to speed on what we have achieved last month and what’s next for this particular month. This will allow the community to have better clarity on the development and collaboration that is going on. Of course, it also ensures that we, as the core team members are always working our way towards our ultimate goal — building a global puzzle game infrastructure + community.

In this monthly newsletter, there will be 3 segments:

  1. Past month’s progress and achievement
  2. Current month’s roadmap and goal
  3. Words from the team

Past Month Progress and Achievement

  1. NearPad IDO (Completed)
  2. Skyward Finance IDO (Completed)
  3. Mainnet Launch
  4. ATO Airdrop Distribution
  5. ATO whitelisted on Aurora Rainbow Bridge
  6. AMA with Big Brain Holdings
  7. AMA with Octopus Network community
  8. Twitter Space Discussion: Opportunities & Challenges For Web3 Applications
  9. Collaborative Partner and Speaker on Near Malaysia Guild First Physical Event
  10. Atocha Protocol Paras NFT Profile Verified
  11. Atocha Protocol Treasure Trove Free Edition 333 Copies Launch
  12. Skyward Finance Limited Edition Commemorative NFT Launch
  13. NearPad Limited Edition Commemorative NFT Launch
  14. Top 10 Collections on Paras
  15. Top 5 Influential Projects on Near Ecosystem
  16. Atocha Protocol Extravaganza ATO Airdrop Contest
  17. Atocha Video Contest Announcement
  18. Metaseed Collaborative Partnership
  19. Social following update:

Current Month Roadmap and Goals

  1. Puzzle Game App Launch
  2. Ref Finance and NearPad DEX listing
  3. Ref Finance and NearPad Reward Farms kickstart
  4. 10 Featured Puzzle Game Launch on Webapp
  5. Puzzle Creator Contest Winner Announcement
  6. Atocha Game Guild establishment
  7. Ambassador Program 2.0 restructure (Community Focus and relate to Atocha Game Guild)
  8. Onboard 5 Sponsor Partners (project earning)
  9. NFT Projects Alliance (to collaborate with multiple Near ecosystem NFT projects and beyond)
  10. Backend development for NFT feature upgrades for Atocha Protocol V2.0
  11. Backend development for game maker app (related to geo-location game)

Words From The Team

First of all, we would like to thank all the community members aka Atogang who have supported us on the IDO both NearPad and Skyward Finance! You guys are superb and amazing. Even though the market is super rough and we do not expect much from the market, we are seeing good support which we think is a positive thing. What we want to do next is to focus to serve the community that really believes in our cause and continues to support us even during the winter.

The next unexpected event for us is the NFT launch without much preparation. Frankly, our main intention to launch the NFT is mainly for marketing and also for giving out extra perks to encourage the public to participate in our IDO. Of course, we also consider the utility of the NFT and make sure that it is beneficial for the NFT holders to continue holding/selling the NFT that holds great value. By May 2022, we have launched 3 series of NFT. They are:

Atocha Treasure Trove Series: These are limited of 333 copies of free edition NFT. It is actually a sneak peek for our upcoming NFT series that is based on Treasure Troves and hidden treasures. Therefore, those who hold the 333 copies will have some starter perks when the full series launches. In addition, the NFT holders had gotten free Airdrop of the Bronze Series NFT under Limited Edition Commemorative NFT for Skyward Finance IDO.

Limited Edition Skyward Finance IDO Commemorative NFT: This series of NFT consists of 3 editions (Bronze, Silver and Gold). Each edition has its own unique utility (specifically for the option function) and all of the editions required the holder to participate in the Skyward Finance IDO in order to activate the NFT. We have also listed out all the activated NFT so that it is easier for the holders to refer to. Once the NFT is activated, the holder can choose to sell the NFT (to realize the value before the option function) or hold the NFT (to execute the option function). Of course, holding the NFT will also entitle you to get the other utilities like whitelisting, airdrop, and also secret club access… So this should be decided by yourself.

Limited Edition NearPad IDO Commemorative NFT: Similar to the Commemorative NFT of Skyward Finance IDO, the only difference that is the NFT is already activated as the users who get the NFT will be the participants from the NearPad whitelist and PAD staker pool. If you are one of the participants and have yet to receive your NFT, please make sure you submit the form. Another bonus utility for the NFT holders will be bonus ATO airdrop for the participants as we realize that the price difference between Skyward Finance and NearPad IDO is quite huge. Hence, we think it is fair for the NearPad IDO participants to receive extra perks.

As we are getting into the bear market, our main focus is to become a default alive startup. In other words, we want to achieve cash flow positive by end of the year so that we can be self-sustainable by then and could use the raised funds to accelerate our growth. Hence, our following roadmap will be very much focused on building clientele where we can serve as a single entity (along with the community and Creators) to deliver the value through puzzle games. In short, we will form a “marketing agency” where we have a specialized team that works on customizing puzzle games (like quiz, riddles, treasure hunt) for brands and companies that pay a fee for that. We believe that such a service can be in demand with the success of Kahoot.

With that, you can also observe that we are focused on recruiting communities to onboard, especially Creators while also establishing some local business development team to help search for leads which could be turned into clients. We hope to empower the Creator Economy not just from the sideline but by actively participating and helping that to realize. We look forward to working hand in hand with the community, especially the Creators to build this ecosystem together!

For those who are interested to build with us, you can check out how you can do that:

Thank you for spending your time reading our newsletter. We look forward to having you join our community and be part of the contributor (be it as a player, creator, or sponsor).

We are always on the lookout for Partners to collaborate with. Feel free to reach out to us via DMing our Twitter account or reach out to the admin on Telegram/Discord.

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