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Puzzle Creator Contest

Atocha Protocol Creator Contest is HERE! We are looking for creative puzzle creators to join the fun.

Welcome Puzzle Creators! We kick start this puzzle creator contest to gather creative and like-minded CREATORS like you to join the Atocha Protocol community. We are looking for fun and quality puzzles or riddles that can be the first 5 to be featured and launched through the integration of Atocha Protocol. We think that opening up the spots to the public is way better than having to work by our own as the community is the true brain (that’s what Web3.0 stands for, for the community!)

The contest is meant to gather different form of puzzles contributed by the community. Therefore, no gaming developing skill will be required as of this stage. We need people who are puzzle enthusiasts or someone who can design puzzles. Get your creativity out and give the community a challenge!

Click the link below to check out more details: