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Launching of NEAR2ATO Treasure Hunt — NEARCON2022 Lisbon Side Event

Launching of NEAR2ATO Treasure Hunt — NEARCON2022 Lisbon Side Event

Finally, the moment that you are waiting for is here! We are releasing the beast, the #NEAR2ATO Treasure Hunt with a collective of 30 puzzles that will ultimately lead you to the Grand Prize (currently worth around $4500USD) and each puzzle solved will also have some rewards waiting for you.

Click here to Start Play | Click here to Start Play

Big Thanks To Our Supporting Partners cum Sponsors

  1. Octopus Network
  2. Debio Network
  3. Myriad Social
  4. DEIP
  5. Unique One Network
  6. QSTN
  7. Near Insider
  8. Near Master
  9. Nearity
  10. Near Games Guild
  11. Near Nigeria Guild
  12. Near Vietnam Guild
  13. Near Malaysia Guild
  14. Near Singapore Guild
  15. Near France Guild
  16. Paras NFT Marketplace
  17. 3six9 NFT Marketplace
  18. Ref Finance
  19. Skyward Finance
  20. NEARStarter
  21. Near Stars Guild
  22. Aurora
  23. Near Foundation (NEARCON)
  24. Vision Chain
  25. Skyharbour (The Rust Guild)
  26. TenkDAO
  27. Mr. Brown NFT
  28. Near Misfits
  29. Together Coin
  30. Roketo

Read more about the Treasure Hunt:

Welcome to NEAR2ATO Treasure Hunt — A NEARCON2022 Side Event Powered by Atocha Protocol

Stay tuned for more announcement about the #NEAR2ATO Treasure Hunt! Follow the latest news about it on Atocha Protocol Twitter with #NEAR2ATO.

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