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Atocha Protocol – A Web3.0 Protocol Made for Puzzle Game Community

Our Vision:

Puzzle Game is all about Curiosity, Challenges & Bravery.

Atocha Protocol is a Web3.0 Puzzle Game appchain that is built for the curious, challenge-loving and brave people around the world.


Atocha Protocol is a blockchain-built protocol designed for puzzle games.

Why puzzle games? We are inspired by the fact that humans are curious and adventurous in nature. We are born to explore the world around us. However, we tend to become constrained with our life experience when we aged. That is when we start to feel life is boring and this largely sucks out the FUN and THRILL in our daily life.

Through PUZZLE GAMES, we are able to immerse in the simulated world where we can experience the fun of adventure, searching for the treasure while still with the comfort of staying at home (of course with the help of technology). The puzzle game is created for the players to explore the unknown, learn to connect the dots, have some passion, make new friends and of course to win some TROPHY (can be personal satisfaction, fame, or money).

Inspire Your Curiosity

This is Atocha Protocol’s motto where we strongly believe that curiosity should not stop after we reach adulthood or at any point in life. Through the protocol, we want to build a community with like-minded people that enjoy playing puzzle games in any form.

What’s Atocha?

Not familiar with the word “Atocha”? It is actually a Spanish word from Nuestra Señora de Atocha (Our Lady of Atocha). It was a Spanish treasure galleon loaded with a huge amount of treasures that sank in a hurricane off the Florida Keys in 1622 and recovered in 1985.

We choose Atocha as our project’s name as it represents the spirit to unravel the hidden treasure for those who are smart and brave. We want to bring fun to those who onboard on Atocha Protocol and are able to earn some cryptocurrency as well!

Key Summary:

  • Atocha Protocol enables Play to Earn (P2E) & Create to Earn (C2E) features for the community through the blockchain protocol.
  • Atocha Protocol is built to be a community-owned protocol and to be operated by puzzle game enthusiasts through DAO which focuses on creating fair and fun puzzle games.
  • Atocha Protocol is a Web3.0 appchain proudly built on Octopus Network, a Near Protocol sidechain.
  • Atocha Protocol will provide an NFT tool set to make next-generation multiplayer online games.

One More Thing

The team is laser-focused on the current development of the first version of Mainnet as well as the WebApp that will be connected to the Mainnet. The reason we believe that such infrastructure is crucial for the community is that the expectation for EXPERIENCE itself has changed a lot ever since the advent of the internet and technology. Now, we are more demanding when it comes to user experience, especially products or services that relate to FUN.

Imagine that in the last 10 years, how the games that we played had evolved. From mono-colour and very simple mechanisms like Tetris, Snake Game to now complex games like MMORPG (Warcraft), AR Virtual Game (Pokemon Go), and the list goes on. The tech has enabled us to be able to experience these different kinds of exciting and challenging games that we never could imagine 10 years ago.

Now, we are taking a leap into Metaverse where Ready Player One, Tron kind of reality may become THE REALITY for some of us. It is no longer just the EXPERIENCE of us having fun when playing games but in many different aspects like work, recreation, family moments and etc. Hence, Atocha Protocol team has envisioned that we could be a driver to create an ecosystem that could enable Puzzle Game to thrive in this context. Puzzle games have been one of the most played games in history. There are different types of Puzzle Games like:

  1. Cryptic Puzzles (most used puzzle type in Escape Rooms, treasure hunt)
  2. Logic Puzzles (Sudoku, Nonogram, etc.)
  3. Math Puzzles
  4. Mechanical Puzzles (Jigsaw Puzzle, Rubik’s Cube, etc.)
  5. Trivia Puzzles
  6. Word Puzzles (crosswords, Boggle)
  7. Pattern Guessing
  8. Riddles

With Atocha Protocol, players will be able to create and “mint” their puzzle onto the blockchain, making it a permanent record on-chain and immutable. This promotes transparency and fairness to the creator and players. As for Web2.0 solution, it will depend on the Creator or the platform to be the “escrow entity” for trust. Moreover, we also strongly believe that the Puzzle itself is a masterpiece that can be an NFT that can be transacted. Hence, Atocha Protocol will also develop the NFT enabler for the puzzle creators to create their puzzles and automatically turn them into an NFT. This will open up new opportunities to the puzzle game community. In other words, Atocha Protocol is contributing to the Creators’ economy, inspiring the curious mind and enabling passionate minds to pursue their puzzle game career.

In a nutshell, the team will continuously focus on the versatility and robustness of the protocol while expanding the reach to different puzzle creators, game developers, game guilds to start building one of the largest Puzzle Game ecosystems in the world.

(In the next write-up, we will explore different possibilities that we are looking at to develop Puzzle Game along with different entities. Stay tuned)