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Airdrop for WebApp Alpha Testers! Atocha Protocol Puzzle Game Demo Webapp Launched

We would like to invite you to join our Airdrop program where you can earn some $ATO airdrop (our native token) by being the Alpha Tester for our WebApp Demo. Of course, you will ask what is this about?

In short, we are Atocha Protocol, a Web3.0 puzzle game appchain project that is built to inspire curious minds. If you are someone that loves puzzle-like number games, riddles, word puzzles, etc, this is where you can come and have fun by creating or solving the puzzles.

The WebApp Demo has been launched on 5 January 2022 and has since been receiving great responses from the community. Up until now, we have received over 5,000 WebApp Alpha Tester show of interest applications and over 1,500 confirmed sign up! We are thrilled to see the community is actively creating and solving puzzles with the WebApp.

We do want to highlight that the WebApp Demo is intended for demonstration of the basic functions which are creating, solving, sponsoring, and challenging puzzles. Therefore, you may find it to be laggy or with some error during your login process/puzzle creation. Please do try again after some time as the WebApp Demo has limited bandwidth.

We have put together a list of FAQs to answer the communities inquiries about the Airdrop Program:

  • What I will get from this Airdrop Program?
    • Once we finalized the Airdrop Program, all eligible participants will be rewarded with $ATO coin (native token for Atocha Protocol). What you can do with our $ATO coin?
      1. You can use it as gas fee to do all the transactions like creating puzzle, solving puzzle, challenging puzzle, and transferring $ATO coins.
      2. You can receive it as the reward prize by solving the puzzle
      3. You can deposit it as a challenging deposit to challenge a malicious puzzle or answer
      4. You can transfer it to any defi on Near Protocol and swap it with other tokens (depending on the availability of pools)
  • When can I expect to receive the Airdrop?
    • No hard date yet, but approximately around early Q2 2022. Will be confirmed.
  • How can I earn the Airdrop?
    1. Challenge a puzzle (if you find any puzzles that are malicious puzzles, spam or vulgarity or pornography or unreasonable answer, do challenge it. This is to keep the environment clean and filled with great adventure and not shitty stuff)
    2. Creating puzzle (you can innovate from references, don’t just copy and paste puzzles. You will be required to provide answers while creating a puzzle)
    3. Solving puzzle (actively participate in solving a puzzle)
    4. Inviting your friends to our Discord Channel (we will take a snapshot during the cutoff date)
    5. Be active on our Discord (based on active Leaderboard, we will have weekly snapshot)
    6. Join our Discord: be eligible for the Airdrop, you will need to get registered first:
  • Why should I be part of the Airdrop Program?
    • The reason is simple. If you are someone who is looking for fun, challenge, and adventure, this is the place to be where there will be a different kind of Puzzle game to be created and offer you different experiences while solving them. You can even win some prizes when you get competitive! Being early and supporting us at this stage, we are truly grateful and will reward the early supporters (like the Alpha Testers) with airdrop.
  • Is there any cutoff date for the Airdrop Program?
    • Yes, there is. We will set the cut off date for the Airdrop Program on 15th Feb 2022, approximately 00:00 EST. After the cut off, the team will proceed with the finalization of the Airdrop and the amount of the Airdrop will be announced once the work is done.
  • Is there a confirmed amount of Airdrop or methods to earn more Airdrop?
    • We will only conclude the allocated amount based on the total response of the community after the cutoff date. There will be no “special” methods where you can earn extra Airdrop. Just have fun with the WebApp and create good puzzles, that’s what I can say now.
  • Who is eligible to claim the Airdrop?
    • Only those who have verified in our Discord channel as Atogang, Player or Creator will be eligible.
  • How to join the Airdrop Program?