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Welcome to NEAR2ATO Treasure Hunt — A NEARCON2022 Side Event Powered by Atocha Protocol

Welcome to NEAR2ATO Treasure Hunt — A NEARCON2022 Side Event Powered by Atocha Protocol

We would like to welcome everyone to participate in NEAR2ATO Treasure Hunt, brought to you by Atocha Protocol, a puzzle game appchain running live on Octopus Network.

What is NEAR2ATO Treasure Hunt?

NEAR2ATO Treasure Hunt is a collective effort of 30 Partners empowered by Atocha Protocol to create a fun and engaging treasure hunt experience during the NEARCON. The main goal for the treasure hunt is to get the participants to learn more about projects that are building on Near ecosystem and having them to interact with the projects.

The treasure hunt is a 30 puzzles solving marathon where each puzzle will unlock a combination that can unlock the grand prize, which is the final puzzle. The puzzle will be unlock in stages:

10 September 2022: Unlocking 9 puzzles (9 puzzles)
12 September 2022: Unlocking 12 puzzles (21 puzzles)
14 September 2022: Unlocking 9 puzzles (30 puzzles) + Final Puzzle Reveal

The rule is simple for the grand prize: the first who UNLOCK the puzzle and CLAIM the prize wins.

As for the 30 puzzles, there are also some hidden FIRST CLAIM FIRST SERVED rewards waiting for the players.

What is the prize for NEAR2ATO Treasure Hunt?

Each of the puzzle will contain some rewards which will only be unlocked if you are able to solve the puzzle. The rewards can be as follow:

  1. ATO coins
  2. Native coins like NEAR, DEBIO, etc.
  3. NFT like Mr.Brown NFT, 3SIX9
  4. Most importantly, each of the puzzle will contain a combination that will unlock the Final Puzzle, that is where the Grand Prize lies.

How to participate in NEAR2ATO Treasure Hunt?

The participate method is simple and straightforward:

  1. Look for the QR Card that is distributed around NEARCON2022 and scan it with your mobile, start playing!
  2. Partners who are joining the Treasure Hunt will be sharing the Treasure Hunt link as well which anyone who is interested can click in and start playing.
  3. You do not need any Web3 wallet to interact with the puzzle game, just start solving the puzzle(but if you solved a puzzle and want to claim the prize, you may need a wallet setup which depends on the prize type).

How to claim the puzzle rewards?

  1. Once you solved a puzzle, a hidden message will be revealed to you that may contain information like Final Puzzle combination, task to claim the rewards, store that message in your phone/computer for later use, and don’t share it with others.
  2. Follow the tasks given and be the first to claim the rewards before someone else does.
  3. Do note that the puzzle rewards are FIRST CLAIM FIRST SERVED and limited.
  4. Even if the rewards are fully claimed, players are encouraged to continue challenge the puzzle as there is still the grand prize waiting!
  5. We will announce once there is a grand prize winner prevail.

We would like to give our utmost gratitude to our Partners who are helping making this Treasure Hunt possible through sponsoring and spreading about the event.

Our Partners

  1. Octopus Network
  2. Debio Network
  3. Myriad Social
  4. DEIP
  5. Unique One Network
  6. QSTN
  7. Near Insider
  8. Near Master
  9. Nearity
  10. Near Games Guild
  11. Near Nigeria Guild
  12. Near Vietnam Guild
  13. Near Malaysia Guild
  14. Near Singapore Guild
  15. Near France Guild
  16. Paras NFT Marketplace
  17. 3six9 NFT Marketplace
  18. Ref Finance
  19. Skyward Finance
  20. NEARStarter
  21. Near Stars Guild
  22. Aurora
  23. Near Foundation (NEARCON)
  24. Vision Chain
  25. Skyharbour (The Rust Guild)
  26. TenkDAO
  27. Mr. Brown NFT
  28. Near Misfits
  29. Together Coin
  30. Roketo

Stay tuned for more announcement about the #NEAR2ATO Treasure Hunt! Follow the latest news about it on Atocha Protocol Twitter with #NEAR2ATO.

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