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Atocha Monthly Newsletter — April22

GM Atocha Fam! We want to kickstart this monthly newsletter update for the community to get up to speed on what we have achieved last month and what’s next for this particular month. This will allow the community to have better clarity on the development and collaboration that is going on. Of course, it also ensures that we, as the core team members are always working our way towards our ultimate goal — building a global puzzle game infrastructure + community.

In this monthly newsletter, there will be 3 segments:

  1. Past month’s progress and achievement
  2. Current month’s roadmap and goal
  3. Words from the team

Past Month Progress and Achievement

  1. Appchain registered on mainnet and kickstarted auditing stage by Octopus Network
  2. Launched Atocha Game Guild
  3. Started Atocha Partner Program (a detailed write up soon)
  4. Released Whitepaper
  5. Puzzle Creator Contest’s submission listing & deadline extension
  6. AMA with Near Malaysia Guild and Near Philippines Guild
  7. Collaboration with Flying Rhino Marketing
  8. Collaboration with Near Star Guild
  9. Collaboration with Near Insider

Current Month Roadmap and Goals

  1. Launch Atocha Protocol Ambassador Program
  2. NFT Launch in collaboration with Paras (whitelist campaign coming next week)
  3. Voting stage on Octopus Mainnet
  4. Booting stage on Octopus Mainnet (setting up validator nodes)
  5. Skyward Finance IDO (30th April 2022 — Deposit stage initiates)
  6. Puzzle Creator Contest closing (30th April 2022)
  7. Mainnet Launch
  8. AMA with Near Nigeria Guild
  9. AMA with Near Vietnam Guild + Octopus Vietnam community
  10. AMA with Token DAMO community
  11. AMA with Big Brain community
  12. DEMO Pitch on ETHDenver 2022

Words From The Team

Regardless of how occupied we are, we think that it is crucial to always have a conversation with the community. This is because we believe that a decentralized Web3 project can only be successful if and only the community support and bond are strong. Hence, putting out some of our thoughts and view for the month would be a great to deliver some message to the community.

April 2022 will be a crucial month for us and we are equally excited and nervous. With NFT launch, mainnet launch, and IDO in the same month, we will need the support from the community as much as we could. A gesture of liking or sharing our social media post is highly appreciated as this will help us gain more exposure.

The main strategy for us is to collaborate with partners so that we can ensure a smooth and successful launch for each of the key events for the month. Without the partners, it is almost impossible for us to pull out in such a short period of time. That is the reason we are always in search of more collaboration to break through the limits that we have currently.

The last thing we want to highlight is that there will be more focus from the team on developing puzzle games once the mainnet is launched. What we firmly believe is that a fun, engaging, and well-designed puzzle game (regardless of genre) will become the anchor for the protocol. Eventually, this can become a breaking point for us to engage even the Web2 community through puzzle games.

Thank you for spending your time reading our newsletter. We look forward to having you join our community and be part of the contributor (be it as a player, creator, or sponsor).

We are always on the lookout for Partners to collaborate with. Feel free to reach out to us via DMing our Twitter account or reach out to the admin on Telegram/Discord.

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