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Welcome to Atocha Protocol!

Welcome to Atocha Protocol! This is our first medium post to introduce who are we and what are we working on in the Web3 scene.

Vision & Mission

We have a motto which is TO INSPIRE YOUR CURIOSITY and that’s where we want to position ourselves, to become the global puzzle game hub for the curious mind.

We are born with a curious heart but as we grow older, we may take things for granted and never be curious anymore. Without curiosity, one is unable to explore the unknown, your life will be predictable and hence the lack of serendipity in your life.

Everyone craves some moments of excitement in their life, especially the working class who has a mundane lifestyle of stress at work. We came from that hole before and have been looking for ways to break out. Puzzle game is one of the tools for us to have recreation, focus, and have fun. In addition, many of the games are easy to start and have a certain level of challenge to get you to stick to them, allowing yourself a me-time with your mind and soul.

Just imagine what kind of world we can have if we are always able to hop into treasure hunting no matter where we are and start scavenging for clues and crack our heads to find the ultimate treasure. On the contrary, our life itself is as if another treasure hunt where we are always on the move to search for the “purpose” of life. Atocha Protocol is there to encourage you to become brave embrace the “change” of life, be curious, and always be there for the challenge!

Why do we want to build this project & community?

  1. To create a decentralized, community-owned puzzle game infrastructure
  2. To incubate and launch puzzle games worldwide, including existing Indie Game studio
  3. To enable Play to Earn and Create to Earn economic model, promoting Creator Economy within the ecosystem
  4. To enable puzzle games to become a form of communication between the brand and the target audience [Find out more in Sponsor Mechanism]
  5. To enable puzzle game creators to have more flexibility in game development with NFT technology

Who is a suitable fit to join our community?

  1. Online game players/mobile game players who are interested to play puzzle games, especially knowledge and logic-based puzzles
  2. Creators who are into creating puzzles and love to challenge others for an intellectual duel
  3. Business owners who are looking to utilize puzzle games to market their business
  4. Education field professionals who are looking to create an interactive and rewarding puzzle games for class interaction purposes
  5. Corporate training field professionals who are looking to create two ways of interaction with participants to encourage a better learning experience
  6. Outdoor enthusiasts who love adventurous treasure hunting activities
  7. Escape room enthusiasts who are into cracking the puzzles
  8. Headhunting firms that are looking to use puzzle games as a filtering tool to get through leads

Why you should join our community?

  1. Having fun solving puzzles (that’s the obvious WHY)
  2. Have fun creating challenging puzzles and engaging with the community
  3. Get to know the fun and curious bunch of minds within the ecosystem, usually these are the traits of a positive vibe, builders type folks
  4. Earn rewards by solving, creating puzzles, and being an active participant in the ecosystem
  5. Opportunity to take part in the creator economy within Atocha Protocol
  6. Opportunity to market your brand with a puzzle game that engages with players from all around the world

How to join our community?

These are our official social media presence in different channels, do give us a follow/subscribe for more updates:



Telegram: Telegram: Contact @atochacommunity

Discord: Atocha Protocol


Facebook: Atocha Protocol

Youtube: Atocha Protocol — Puzzle Game Protocol — YouTube

Exclusive Secret Club

We are launching an exclusive VVIP secret club in which the prerequisite criteria to join is to become our NFT holder (more details to be revealed soon!). More perks to becoming part of the secret club members where we will have members-only treasure hunting.

Our Roadmap

In 2022, our main focus will be on these three main segments:

  1. Building the basic functionality to allow more flexibility for the creators
  2. Onboarding puzzle game creators/game studio to launch their puzzle game with Atocha Protocol
  3. Build successful use cases for the sponsoring mechanism to work for the business owners

Q1 2022

  • Testnet launched
  • Puzzle Game V1 Webapp Demo launched
  • Launched Atocha Partner Program
  • Launched Atocha Puzzle Bounty Program
  • Appchain Registration on Octopus Network Mainnet
  • Launching of Atocha Protocol Ambassador Program

Q2 2022

  • Appchain Audit on Octopus Network Mainnet
  • Appchain Voting on Octopus Network Mainnet
  • Atocha Protocol Mainnet launching
  • Atocha Protocol Validator Node Set Up Forum
  • Atocha IDO on Skyward Finance
  • Atocha IDO on NearPad
  • Atocha Treasure Box NFT launch
  • Atocha Secret Treasure Club (exclusive for Treasure Box NFT holders)
  • Winner announcement for Puzzle Creator Contest
  • Launching of Atocha Near Guild
  • Launching of Atocha Puzzle DAO on AstroDAO
  • Launching of Atocha Benchwork Project
  • 3 Sponsorship Partners onboarded

Q3 2022

  • 3 Running Puzzle Game Webapp on Atocha Protocol [Quiz based, Geographical based, TBA]
  • Forming Puzzle Game Player Guild
  • Onboard 1 Established Game Studio on Atocha Protocol
  • Launching of NFT functionality on Atocha Protocol
  • Game Guild Collaboration
  • EVM Compatible Pallet Development
  • 10 Sponsorship Partners onboarded
  • Near Marketing DAO collaboration

Q4 2022

  • Santa Treasure Hunting for Atocha Community
  • Launching of Atocha Protocol Governance DAO on the native network
  • 20 Sponsorship Partners onboarded