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Atocha Protocol IDO Guide: How to Swap Token on (NearPad)?

This is a guide for the community to swap tokens on This is especially useful when you are new to Aurora Network and interested to participate in the staking pool launchpad of Once you cross your asset over to Aurora Network, you can use the DEX of and swap $PAD to be able to stake and become Tier-ed user.

Here, we have prepared a step-by-step guide for the community to maneuver.

Step 1: Go to and insert the $PAD amount you want to purchase. Of course, before doing that, make sure your Metamask Aurora Network wallet has ready assets to swap.
Step 2: Confirm the approval of the contract for the DEX to access your token.
Step 3: Once it is approved, click the SWAP button to proceed with swapping.
Step 4: Confirm the swap and you are good to go. Check your Metamask wallet (connected to Aurora Network) for the swapped asset.

Extra Note: If you do not have aETH in your Metamask wallet, this is what you will see and you cannot do any transaction on Aurora. So always make sure you have a minimal amount of aETH (recommend around 0.01ETH will be super sufficient).


NearPad IDO: 10 May 2022 (0000 UTC)

Skyward Finance IDO: 11 May 2022 (0000 UTC) [Deposit]; 18 May 2022 (0000 UTC) [Sales]

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