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Atocha Protocol to Be the Fourth Appchain to Launch in the Octopus Network

We are thrilled to announce that we are the fourth Appchain on the Octopus Network. With the confirmation from Octopus Network that we passed the security audit, Atocha Protocol is now officially entered Voting Phase.

Vote here:

The Beginning of The Atocha Protocol Journey

Atocha Protocol started with a passion for puzzle games itself.

Why puzzle games? We are inspired by the fact that humans are curious and adventurous in nature. We are born to explore the world around us. However, we tend to become constrained by our life experiences as we aged. That is when we start to feel life is boring and this largely sucks out the FUN and THRILL in our daily life.

Through PUZZLE GAMES, we are able to immerse in the simulated world where we can experience the fun of adventure, searching for the treasure while still with the comfort of staying at home (of course with the help of technology). The puzzle game is created for the players to explore the unknown, learn to connect the dots, create exciting moments, make new friends, and of course win some TROPHY (can be personal satisfaction, fame, or money).

With the help of Web 3.0 concept, we design the underlying economy to maximize the redistribution of profits back to the community. Puzzle game projects can build on top of Atocha Protocol’s Web3-layer while existing projects can get on board by connecting their Web 2.0 technology with our Protocol. The goal is to congregate all the fun and challenging puzzle games under the same roof, creating the most versatile and robust global community when it comes to puzzle games.

Ultimately, we are here to connect:

  1. Puzzle game enthusiasts
  2. The puzzle creators
  3. People who craved for mind challenge
  4. People who craved some life excitement

Why Vote for Us? Allow us to do some self-promotion. In short, there are 3 main reasons for you to vote for us and help us to become the fourth running appchain on Octopus Network.

  1. We want to onboard different genres of puzzle games to our protocol, this includes puzzle games with similar characteristics like Among Us, Sherlock Holmes, Inside Video Game, Kahoot, Sudoku, Chess, etc. Each puzzle game will be integrating its game with the protocol to realize mutual growth and value generation for the community.
  2. We want to empower the Creator Economy through our Atocha Flywheel whereby we are bringing in revenue through our Sponsor mechanism. With that, we can enable the creators like puzzle builders, HTML5 developers, creative artists, musicians, etc. to have an opportunity to create and earn.
  3. We want to build a strong global community that focuses on fun and learning. We believe that a puzzle game is not only fun to play but is also considered an intellectually challenging game that can enable the players to learn while playing. Similar to Kahoot, we want to build a global game room that combines fun and learning under one roof.

Come and join us by voting for us and get on board to build this global puzzle game community together!

How to Vote For Atocha Protocol on the Octopus Network

In order for Atocha Protocol to successfully launch the mainnet, we have to get enough voting in the Appchain Voting phase. All $OCT holders can upvote or downvote an Appchain. The Appchain for the particular Voting Phase with the highest score will be promoted into the Booting Phase. Here are the steps to vote:

Step 1 >> Log in to the Octopus Network Mainnet dashboard ( via your Near Wallet (

Step 2 >> Navigate to the Atocha Protocol Appchain’s Voting Page

Step 3 >> Click Upvote and deposit a certain amount of $OCT for the voting of the Appchain. The more $OCT you deposit, the stronger the vote will be. Do note that every vote counts :)

Step 4 >> You will be prompted to this transaction approval interface where you need to have sufficient NEAR (less than 0.00001 NEAR) to approve the voting action.

Step 5 >> All done and we thank you for your support! You can withdraw your $OCT at any time. However, we would like to implore that you leave your $OCT in deposit until the conclusion of the Voting Phase so that your vote will be counted.

Understanding the Appchain Pipeline

The Appchain Pipeline is the unique procedure established by Octopus Network to filter and onboard new Appchains every now and then. There will be 4 phases for an Appchain to go through before the mainnet can be officially running on the Octopus Mainnet.

Step 1: Registration — Before an Appchain can join the audit Candidacy, the team must register before the application for Audit.

Step 2: Audit — The Octopus Network team will carry out a mandatory security audit to check on the submitted contract to prevent any major vulnerabilities. Besides, the team will be required to pay 5,000 $OCT for the Audit fee which will officially kickstart the process. The Appchain candidate team will work closely with the Octopus Network auditing team to get through the security check and fix any flaws swiftly.

Step 3: Voting — After the Appchain candidate passed the Audit, the Appchain will now be queued for the vote. In this Voting Phase, $OCT holders can upvote or downvote each shortlisted Appchain to determine which Appchain should be the one to move on to the Staging Phase.

Step 4: Booting — Once the minimum security limit is being met by accumulating enough Validators, the Appchain will move to the Booting Phase. The Octopus Network team will deploy Booting Nodes for the Appchain and end the phase by running the Appchain on the Octopus Mainnet Relay.

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